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 chapter 10
ingt na update lmee dah entry boutt nehh . tp busyy kodd , tadee msee , haha , almaklumlahh , org bekerjayaaa , haha . neh time p mkm steamboat kt flaming hary tuhh , pehhh , knygg siotttttttt . mula laa aku cube try new recipee . haha 

 neh entryy siang tdyy lakk , blik jee computer test yg menghampa kn tuhh . pehhhh . hujan siott , at least aku skrg dah friendly laa , sume org aku ckp , ta kiree bangsaaa , haha , tdy 1st time p tgk MUHAMMAD ALIF DINI , comel mcm aku lhaaaa . haha 

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