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 chapter 3
as usually , im here fer updating and blogging , haha , serunuk bile dah buad blog baru nehh , makin sayang pulak nak tengok die and jenguk die even sekejap , haha . grrrrrr , dah renduu gyleee dah nan die nehh , i love youu blogger , haha , macam lupa daratan siot , dah dapat yg baruu , aku tgl yg lama , haha , durry babyy , i tade niat ouhh na tgl u , i cume na merase yg laen , grrrr , ayat kejam jee kn , todayy seriouse like boringg jee , mengantukk jee pgy keje , mcm na nanges jeee , haha , act kn , saya mcm hendak berhenti kerjaaa , na duduk rumahh goyang kaki sambil dpt duet , okayy ta ? sapa bolayy bgy aku cm tuihh hah ? angkat kaki sikit , grrrr , brb , kemalasan na menulis lhaa pulakk , apee je lhaa , byeee blogger ! 
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